In today’s interaction class our first task was to make a very basic single floor plan of our house highlighting the parts where we spend most of our time. After getting the task I felt so lost because I was never ever taught how to make any sort of a housing plan in design. Well somehow I managed to create a basic plan from the top view and here’s how it went.

single floor plan of a house

The second task given to us in class was that we had to come up with a product similar to home pod that would provide us a…


Today in my first interaction design class we had a few very interesting discussions which helped me look at things from a very different and clear perspective. I’d like to share my learnings here through my blog.

What do you think is the very first thing you interact with everyday?

The door? your bed? the floor? the ceiling? your pillow? your blanket? Well no! The very first thing we interact with is gravity. Those were the things even I thought of when I was asked the same question. Now you must be wondering why gravity? As all of us…

Koninika duttagupta

Foundation year student at Anant National University, studying Bachelor of Design.

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