In today’s interaction class our first task was to make a very basic single floor plan of our house highlighting the parts where we spend most of our time. After getting the task I felt so lost because I was never ever taught how to make any sort of a housing plan in design. Well somehow I managed to create a basic plan from the top view and here’s how it went.

single floor plan of a house

The second task given to us in class was that we had to come up with a product similar to home pod that would provide us a certain kind of service.

The very huge problem that I go through on a daily basis is not able to find my things at the right time. I’d like to have a product that would help me detect things that I can’t find at that very moment so that I can save up a lot of time searching for it. It’ll also help me save money (for buying the thing I lost if required) and the amount of stress/panic it causes on losing something.

Foundation year student at Anant National University, studying Bachelor of Design.