Today in my first interaction design class we had a few very interesting discussions which helped me look at things from a very different and clear perspective. I’d like to share my learnings here through my blog.

What do you think is the very first thing you interact with everyday?

The door? your bed? the floor? the ceiling? your pillow? your blanket? Well no! The very first thing we interact with is gravity. Those were the things even I thought of when I was asked the same question. Now you must be wondering why gravity? As all of us know gravity is a force which pulls us towards it (i.e., geographically and physically downwards) yet everyday we stand upright and follow our daily routine by moving against gravity. That is where our very first interaction begins. Everyday we acknowledge gravity and move against it.

What is Interaction?

Interaction is when you first acknowledge someone or something with little to complete sense of awareness.

The first form of interaction is acknowledgement. For eg, when you are in a lift with just one another person, you start interacting with them by acknowledging their presence.

Behavior is a factor that controls how we interact with something.

Interaction design

Interaction design is a combination of visual communication and industrial design.

What is a good design?

  1. good design is innovative
  2. good design makes a product useful
  3. good design is aesthetic
  4. good design makes a product understandable
  5. good design is unobtrusive
  6. good design is honest
  7. good design is long lasting
  8. good design is thorough down to the last detail
  9. good design is environment friendly
  10. good design is as little design as possible